Tata Consulting Services Join IM

Published: October 23, 2020 in


Innovation Martlesham is very pleased to welcome Tata Consultancy Services to our ecosystem.

Tata Consultancy Services partners with Communications, Media and Information Services (CMI) companies in navigating their digital journey by creating new products & platforms, developing adaptive content and enhancing customer experience on an agile infrastructure while assisting in monetization of existing investments. Through a comprehensive portfolio of domain-specific solutions, digital platforms and services, TCS CMI unit focuses on areas like front office transformation, product engineering, content technology & operations, legacy simplification, network transformation & optimization, and asset monetization.

Our consulting, technology services and business process solutions, in conjunction with industry frameworks, solution accelerators, agile methodologies & flexible pricing models enable our clients to respond quickly to evolving business ecosystems while creating an immersive customer experience across diverse delivery channels.

With our focus on research and innovation, along with continued investments in developing next generation platforms and digital solutions, we are best positioned to understand our client’s business imperatives and partner them in unlocking true business value.





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