Fox Robotics Joins IM

Published: December 5, 2018 in


fox robotics MED white logo (002)

Innovation Martlesham is looking forward to Fox Robotics be part of the cluster.

Fox Robotics is at the front of innovation in Robotics technology. Our start-up company has founded on November 2017, with a vision to establish our products and solutions at the front end of robotics. Our company is dedicated to solve fundamental problems across multiple areas such logistics, manufacturing, aerospace, health sectors, retail transport of goods (from manufacturing parts to nuclear waste) with a clear and focus to detail, easy to use robotics solutions and risk reduction on Cyber security and health and safety.
Fox Robotics core team comprises talented Robotics, Electronics, Software developers, Cyber security engineers, marketing experts and mentoring from Britbots a leading investment fund in Robotics, this unique combination will allow our company to become extremely attractive and competitive in an industry that has the highest potential not seen since the computing revolution.

Fox Robotics market proposition has a unique and very attractive combination due the unification of opportunities largely ignored on Robotics and industry.



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