The Wireless Challenge – Are you suffering from Interference?

Published: May 12, 2022 in

Innovation Martlesham (IM) was delighted to welcome Paul Holes, Field Application Engineer, Anritsu as guest speaker of the May IM Breakfast Webinar entitled “The Wireless Challenge – Are you suffering from Interference?"

The webinar focussed on the effects of interference, and where potential interferers may be, whilst introducing tools to monitor, mitigate and locate the source.

By utilising the full resource of the MS2090A, its RTSA options and applications, Paul

  • explained how to easily identify locations of interferers in a very crowded and changing frequency spectrum in the field
  • what the differences are between Traditional Swept Frequency, Signal Analysers and finally Real Time Spectrum Analysers and associated Probability of Intercept to uncover and monitor previously hidden signals of interest
  • talked about some use cases of an Interference Hunting Toolbox and the benefits of having a very high-performance Handheld Spectrum analyser at your disposal.

Watch the presentation again here

Click to listen to an Innovation Martlesham/Anritsu podcast where Sophie Barc Sales Director for UK and Ireland, Anritsu shares what Anritsu's original and high level test and measurement products are that benefit many cross-sectors, what challenges Anritsu see's in the telecoms sector and outline the solutions Anritsu have to help resolve them and what Anritsu is doing to make sure the changing market needs of their existing and future customers are met


PERSONAL PROFILE - Paul Holes, Field Application Engineer, Anritsu

Paul has nearly 40 years of experience in the Test & Measurement Industry focusing more especially on RF and microwave technologies and applications,  He provides Pre Sales technical support to Anritsu EMEA’s customers either dealing with demonstrations or technical recommendations for a better usage of the Anritsu products. Paul mostly specialises in products like Spectrum Analysers, Vector Network Analysers, Signal Generators and Power Meters, Real Time Spectrum Analyser, and RFuWave Field test instrumentation.




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