VIAVI Makes Acquisition

Published: March 27, 2018 in

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In March, VIAVI closed on the acquisition of Cobham’s AvComm and Wireless T&M businesses.

The newly acquired teams will now become two new distinct business units in VIAVI:

  • Wireless BU - The team delivering the Radio Access Network (RAN to Core) test and validation products and solutions is based out of Stevenage.
  • AvComm BU - The team delivering the land mobile radio and avionics test products in commercial, government and military applications is based out of Wichita, Kansas.

Uniting Market Leaders – Expanding our Award-Winning Product Portfolio

The Wireless businesses bring to VIAVI leadership positions in multiple T&M markets.  Viavi will increase its scale and expertise in the 5G/LTE, private mobile radio, tactical military radio, and global air traffic control T&M markets. They will enable Viavi to provide next-generation products and technologies to network equipment manufacturers, communication service providers, civil, government, military and avionics customers. Light Readings view is summarised below:


VIAVI already has some 5G-related products to offer vendors, test labs and operators, but adding Cobham's AvComm and Wireless T&M portfolios, will greatly enhance its capabilities. It will also provide VIAVI with more firepower as it battles with other test system specialists for 5G-related business.” Light Reading



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