VRtuoso Arrives At Innovation Martlesham

Published: August 16, 2019 in

We’re delighted to welcome VRtuoso, the creators of an innovative VR/AR slides presentation platform, to our growing tech ecosystem. Based around BT’s Adastral Park Research and Development facility, the 130 high-tech companies resident at Innovation Martlesham (IM) will make a perfect place to share new ideas with like-minded companies.

“VRtuoso is the first enterprise product to enable anyone in a company to quickly and easily create VR presentations, trainings, and any immersive experiences,” says Head of IM Nicky Daniels. “The chief executive Francesco “Frank” Furnari is well known here and I’m sure he’ll waste no time exploring opportunities to collaborate.”

Founded in January 2018 after a significant R&D investment and incubation period, VRtuoso aims to democratise business use of VR & AR. In addition to learning and development (L&D) applications in enterprises and institutions, VRtuoso has also been used in sales meetings and exhibition stands, as well as for marketing programmes.

Since launching in the European market, VRtuoso has been deployed by Fortune 500 companies such as American Express, BT Group, Pfizer, Iveco, PwC, Barilla and BP; plus Yoox Net-a-Porter Group, the world's leading online luxury fashion retailer. BT is also a reseller partner.

“VRtuoso is an exciting company that we’re pleased to resell through BT as there is clear customer demand every time we showcase it,” says Head of BT’s Applied Innovation, Darren Lewis. “Internally too there are many opportunities for such an intuitive solution so I’m keen to see what more we can do.”

“We have commoditised VR production and usage meaning enterprises can now embed VR in all facets of their business, while saving them money,” says Furnari.

“Companies no longer need to engage a digital agency to create VR apps for daily use, such as in L&D and sales," said Francesco Furnari, chief executive at VRtuoso. “During any meeting or training you can moderate and control what the audience views on their VR headsets in real-time.”

In continuing with its mission to make VR/AR-based enterprise learning and marketing a reality for all, VRtuoso will launch a cloud-based SaaS enterprise product featuring VR/AR consumption over 5G the end of this year to also engage and guide remote audiences around the world in real-time.

“Joining IM is an important step for VRtuoso because we want to share our experience with other tech innovators – we also want to learn from the community as it will help us design our future products and services,” says Furnari.

VRtuoso is headquartered in London and has offices in Italy and the US. To learn more visit https://vrtuoso.io/. Watch founder and chief executive Francesco Furnari describe how VRtuoso works https://youtu.be/yG-Ywp4vR3U







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