We Welcome New Arrival Smartisant

Published: January 2, 2019 in


Innovation Martlesham is very pleased to welcome Smartisant.  Smartisant is delivering intelligent assisted living for all.  Our focus is on contextual smart homes, but our innovation is equally suited to other smart buildings and smart spaces.  The company is based on many years of innovative research and has a number of products in development.  The company provides consultancy on smart homes, buildings and other spaces.

Smartisant’s primary differentiator is our focus on improving quality of life, whilst protecting privacy.  We embrace an holistic approach to the smart home that enables shared context across services, to deliver a simpler, more intuitive and seamless user experience.  We utilise open-source hardware and integrate best-of-breed technology from 3rd parties, to enable commercial grade, intelligent smart spaces in a cost-effective manner.

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