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Accelleran delivers unparalleled Private 5G and Open RAN solutions that bring the future of connectivity to your doorstep. Our cloud-native, software-centric approach reshapes the traditional telecom landscape, creating a smart and flexible multi-vendor ecosystem that promotes innovation, competition, and cost efficiency.

With our expertise in Private 5G, we enable a myriad of industry verticals to establish robust and reliable private networks, achieving superior control, enhanced security, and unrivalled performance. Our solutions are crafted to anticipate and cater to the evolving needs of both operators and private networks, fostering the deployment of optimised and future-proof 5G services. Our diversity of experience ensures comprehensive post-sales support, establishing Accelleran as your reliable, singular point of contact.

Accelleran ongoing work with British Telecom (BT) at Adastral Park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGFIwhG3lrM&ab_channel=Accelleran

Accelleran is also part of a consortium the “Accelerating RAN intelligence in 5G” (ARI-5G) that has secured UK government funding in a joint initiative with BT, Amdocs, DCMS and West midlands 5G to accelerate Open RAN deployment in the UK and globally.


Antwerp, Belgium. Accelleran has been a pioneer of Open Radio Access Networks since its foundation in 2013.

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Accelleran Private 5G Turnkey SA Solution: Open Private 5G, Today

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Accelleran presents an Open-RAN aligned, turnkey Private 5G solution, expertly tailored for your unique needs. With installation as straightforward as Wi-Fi and a dynamic ecosystem of Radio Unit (O-RU) partners, we stand as your singular contact for a peak performance and scalable Private 5G network solution.

Accelleran presents a fully integrated solution that unifies the entire network stack – from RU-DU-CU to RIC-SMO, offering a seamless Private 5G experienceOur offerings are firmly grounded in the ethos of Open RAN, harnessing its inherent benefits for private networks.

We deliver CU-RIC-SMO software, adeptly engineered to run on a COTS server platform, and complement it with pre-integrated RU-DU solutions from our strategic partners. This unique blend of technologies ensures you receive a fully turnkey Private 5G solution. Plus, with our dedicated post-sales support, we are your principal point of contact for all your network needs.

With Accelleran, manage your Private 5G network with unparalleled agility, efficiency, and control. 

Accelleran RIC: Where RAN meets AI

Read More: https://www.accelleran.com/ric/

Accelleran’s dRAX-RIC stands as a trusted choice for both operators and integrators seeking a production-ready platform to harness the power of Open real-time RAN data and control mechanisms. Its versatility allows users to seamlessly design and integrate their AI-based xApps, thereby significantly enhancing RAN intelligence and automation.

Crafted with user convenience in mind, dRAX-RIC comes with ready-to-use xApps boilerplate code and fully documented APIs. This accessibility makes it an inviting platform for third-party developers, enabling them to not only quickly create their unique xApps but also smoothly integrate RAN intelligence and control into their specific workflow.

The Accelleran RIC SDK program invites developers to create xApps and rApps for Accelleran’s RAN Intelligent Controller. Accelleran provides an intuitive Software Development Kit (SDK) and a range of other guides to assist our partners in developing and launching applications that run on Near-Real-Time RIC (xApps) and Non-Real-Time RIC (rApps). These apps will add to a rich catalogue of easy-to-acquire and deploy apps for end customers and networks.

xApps/rApps, created by out intuitive SDK platform and deployed on our RIC, are designed to enable operators and private networks to infuse new functionalities and services into their networks.

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