Meet Accelleran at MWC 26-29 February 2024

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Accelleran is proud to announce we will once again be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress (MWC), held in Barcelona from February 26th to 29th. We will be showcasing the latest updates and successes in our Private 5G Solution, as well as our RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) platform.

On February 1st 2024, Accelleran was invited to exhibit and join a panel at the ‘Unleashing the Power of AI in Telecoms’ event. This event was ideal as a warmup for our MWC presence. The global telecommunications industry uses up to an estimated 3% of the global energy share, the equivalent of a country like the Netherlands. Operators are increasingly seeking out new ways to utilise AI and ML to reduce their carbon footprint, which is exactly where the xApps and rApps deployed on our RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) come into play.

Private 5G:


We’ve had a successful year of working with partners deploying our Open Private 5G SA Solution across multiple industry verticals, including in the energy sector (offshore wind) and enabling autonomous transport. These use cases can be viewed on our website here:  Our latest article series has divided practical Private 5G applications across key industries, explaining major use cases and existing real-world deployments. We will be discussing these further at Mobile World Congress.


RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC):

The RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) plays a pivotal role in advancing Open Network architectures by fostering vendor interoperability and enhancing network intelligence, flexibility, and programmability. This innovation is crucial for service providers as it helps in cutting down both infrastructure and operational expenses, elevating network efficiency, and amplifying business adaptability. Moreover, RIC paves the way for generating additional revenue through customised services, network slicing, and indoor location services. Our RIC platform, along with xApps and rApps developed by ourselves and 3rd parties using our intuitive SDK, continues to grow a rich developer ecosystem which are creating applications  that are bringing intelligence to the RAN.


Meet with us at MWC:

The Mobile World Congress takes place from February 26 to February 29. Attendees interested in learning more about our solutions or exploring collaboration opportunities can book a meeting with us through our Calendly link:


Want to get in touch prior to MWC?:

As Accelleran’s Senior Business Development Manager, Danny is ready to discuss how Accelleran is bringing intelligence to the RAN with our innovative RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) and associated x/rApps, which include energy efficiency, network optimisation and more. In addition, Danny has a strong experience with Private Network deployments and is keen to work with enterprises across multiple industry verticals to deploy Accelleran’s Open Private 5G Turnkey SA solution.



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