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Extend Robotics builds immersive Human-robot Interface Software with virtual reality (VR) technology, for non-robotic expert to intuitively operate robots remotely from anywhere. Our vision is to extend human capabilities beyond physical presence. By robotic remote working solution, we hope to replace human's physical presence from those harsh, hazardous or dangerous environments, such as nuclear facility, high voltage power room, mine, contagious ward, remote factory etc., to reduce the safety risk and save the relevant cost. Furthermore, by enabling remote working for physical tasks, we can also help business owners to break the geographical limitation to utilise the best-fit expertise and labour resource globally, thus to save the labor, travel and time cost.

For doing so, we have developed a cloud-based SaaS solution – Advanced Mechanical Assistance System (AMAS) – which works as human-robot interface, providing full depth perception of 3D real world environments and intuitive, precise controls in an immersive, real-time experience.

As a general-purpose tele-robotic solution, our system could be used in many different applications, such as nuclear decommissioning, industrial maintenance, loading/unloading for logistics, contagion care, remote working for hospitality and so on. Moreover, thanks to the combination of two very hot and novel technologies VR and Robotics, our solution also attracted lots of interests for education and exhibition.


Extend Robotics was founded in 2019. The founding team marries brilliant PostDoc-level technical minds from Imperial College London with commercial expertise garnered in the telecoms and energy sectors.

We develop human-robot interface software for non-robotic expert to teleoperate and program robotic manipulators remotely for complex physical tasks.

The core of our tele-robotic solution is AMAS (Advanced Mechanics Assistance System), which is an intuitive VR Human-Robot interface Software to enable people to remotely control the robots for those tasks which can not be easily automated by today's robotic technologies. AMAS provides volumetric telepresence offering ordinary user an intuitive approach to a remote workspace through immersive visualisation with accurate 3D geometry and flexible viewing angle. At the same time, user can control and program robot in real-time using natural gestures by interaction with the robot digital twin. The AMAS Pro solution consists of:

1, Extend AMAS VR application running on consumer VR equipments (oculus, steam VR) providing operator with a teleoperation interface with immersive 3d perception and intuitive gesture control;

2, Peripheral SenseKit and Robokit hardware to integrate with any ROS based 3rd party robots, enabling perception, connectivity and control.

Apart from our core software package, we can also offer the complete plug&play tele-robotic solution including robotic arms according to customer's needs, as well as the robot hire service for short-term exhibition, demonstration or test.

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Service options: Tele-robotic solution, Human-robot interface software, Robot hire service
Located in: UK / Global
Address: 200 Brook Drive, RG2 6UB, Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom
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