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GCH have been providing leading edge technology solutions with consultancy & training services to equipment vendors, large enterprise and data centre clients for over 30 years. Our customer markets include Telecoms, IT, SatComs, Finance, Broadcast, Defence, Automotive, Retail and Manufacturing.

Our portfolio includes PCIe, Ethernet and Fibre Channel Analysers, Network Latency & Impairment Emulators and a range of sustainability, debug & test tools supplied to clients like BT, IBM, VISA, Lloyds Banking Group, BAE Systems, Morrisons, Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, Dell Technologies, Unilever and Jaguar Land Rover.


Aukua Systems’ MGA2510 and XGA4250 provide cost effective, unique 3-in-1 platforms that enables Inline Packet Capture & Analysis, Traffic Generation, Network Latency & Impairment Emulation at speeds ranging from 10/100M, GE, 10GE to 25GE and 32GFC. These tools enable faster development and testing of 5G and ORAN systems in backhaul/midhaul applications.

Quarch understands that when it comes to saving energy and improving the efficiency of products, energy data is key.
From an EV Charging Station to an enterprise server, or from a home pc to an entire rack of servers, optimizing workloads to conserve power and reduce heat generation is critical for both making significant cost savings while meeting our Carbon Neutral targets.

Over the past two decades, PCI Express (PCIe) has become the de-facto high speed serial bus architecture. Viavi Solutions has developed a suite of advanced, industry leading PCIe analysers, jammers and exercisers to support the widespread adoption of PCIe and its associated protocols, NVMe and CXL to ensure system and component compliance with industry specifications.

SAN Resource Monitoring is a unique SaaS tool developed for automatic, statistical monitoring of SAN performance metrics. Confidently perform and validate successful Data Migrations with live SAN performance metrics before, during and after.

Primary Use Cases:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Optimised SAN Performance, Monitoring and Alerting
  • Data Migration
  • Automatic Documentation for Regulatory Compliance and Change Control
  • Trend Analysis

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Service options: Test Equipment Sales, Consultancy, Training & Repair Services
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