Interact Beat Tech Giant To Energy Award

Published: January 26, 2023 in

Energy efficiency specialist Interact fought off big tech competition to win the Energy Impact Award at the DCD awards.

DCD are arguably the most prestigious awards in the data centre industry, so this was a massive win for Sustainable IT start-up Interact. They were in good company as the shortlist included tech giant Microsoft.

As Managing Director Rich Kenny remarks, ‘Our competition was Microsoft for their development of a Hydrogen-powered Data Centre. Our future impact on the entire sector was rated greater. This is the highest recognition you can have. We’re excited that our machine-learning energy-efficiency software is taking on some of the biggest names in the world.’
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The DCD Energy Impact award is the latest in a long line of regional, national and international tech and sustainability awards for the pioneering technology that has had such an impact on the industry. Since 2021, Interact has been awarded 13 awards for working to transform the world.




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