Nicky in conversation with ... Joseph Spear, Strategic & Operational Marketing Mentor

Many companies find innovation centres useful for networking – collaborating – sharing information and also gaining advice. This advice can come in many formats but a very powerful format is access to a mentor. There is a school of thought that suggests the best type of mentor is someone who is successful in their specific field of expertise and also wants to give something back to the community. I’m delighted that my guest today is Innovation Martlesham's Strategic & Operation Marketing mentor  and is happy to share thought on the topic.

In this podcast, Joseph

  • Tells us about his himself and his involvement in the tech sector
  • Explains why mentoring is so important to him
  • Unpacks the different between 'strategic' and 'operational' marketing

Learn more about Joseph by visiting our IM website or email:

See all our Mentors here.


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