Nicky in conversation with ... Steve Newcombe, Sales Manager, Chronos Technology

In the realm of modern communications, timing plays a pivotal role in the success of network systems. Whether it's terrestrial networks connecting devices in close proximity or non-terrestrial networks reaching across vast distances, the importance of timing cannot be overstated.

Companies who have built up respect in this critical technology are also applying that experience into other areas, and my guest today will explain what his company, Chronos Technology, does and how they’re expanding their portfolio.

Tune into the podcast to hear Steve explain:

  • explain why timing and synchronisation is so important ?
  • why they're developing a dashboard of dashboards
  • what's next for Chronos

To know more, please contact Steve


Click here to also meet Zeeshan Aslam, Account Manager, who will be working closely with the Innovation Martlesham team to showcase Chronos Technology and their expertise

Watch the REPLAY of the Innovation Martlesham Webinar with Chris Farrow, Technical Services Manager, Chronos Technology, delivered entitled The Importance of Timing for Terrestrial and Non-Terrestrial Networks'

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