Nicky in conversation with ... Tori Burns, IM Mentor and Founder of Advance Business Consultants

Many companies find innovation centres useful for networking – collaborating – sharing information and also gaining advice. This advice can come in many formats but a very powerful format is access to a mentor. The best type of mentor is someone who is successful in their specific field of expertise and also wants to give something back to the community.

My guest today is an Innovation Martlesham mentor for Sustainability and ISO and the founder of Advance Business Consultants who specialise in Sustainability and Compliancy.

On this podcast Tori shares

  • some background about herself
  • how she got interested in sustainability
  • what the benefits are for companies when they embrace  sustainability
  •  what giving something back to the community like mentoring means to her


To know more please contact Tori at, on 07965 242634 or click here


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